New World Order spying real threat

New World Order

According to NWO Forum spokesperson nwogeo, “there’s a serious threat against online activity involving New World Order discussions.” In December, NWO Insider partnered up with ANWOF (Anti New World Order Forum) expanding our network, connecting an NWO underground anonymous awareness movement.

According to nwogeo, “After going live with our https network, we’ve encountered suspicious network breach attempts by unknown hackers. All current attempts to hack the NWO network has failed.” In December 2013, NWO Forum experienced a massive “denial of service” attack aimed at finding a flaw in their forum software. “Luckily we have NWO volunteers that watch these attacks daily. They are IP addresses based out of Africa that attempts site requests twice every minute daily.” Nwogeo said, “Basically they are trying to bring down the network before it’s inhabited by anti totalitarian users. This is an information war and we are aware of it.”

We asked nwogeo what’s different from his forum that it’s receiving hack attempts?

“We are serious about security and privacy. All the conversations on the internet about the New World Order, Illuminati, etc. are being monitored and potential threats are flagged and investigated. Basically people disappear and that’s because these other forums have been hacked/breached. Not to mention, in our own study in August, we found that by digging deeper into these forum member accounts we were able to find their true identity. A lot of these people go through issues in life and have no clue it was all because of that forum/news post on such and such site. People find themselves with all types of life issues they never experience before that post. They lose their jobs, identity theft, criminal prosecutions, etc. The internet connects people, but it also lets the bogeyman in. We know this and are trying to encourage people to protect themselves online especially if they tend to speak out against the New World Order.”

We had to ask some specifics as to what NWO Forum does different, in reference to keeping people safe as possible while communicating about the New World Order. “Most people don’t check they’re firewall logs, run IP check ups, etc. Home users involved in these online activities may find that by simply logging their computer activity that someone has made attempts to gain access to it or has.”

Most people today think of a hacker as a person in college messing around with his new found ability. When in reality its various governments with super computers spying. The internet is huge, monitoring every single piece of digital information in real time is highly unlikely, but keyword tracking is not. So, if you have ever typed or read about the New World Order, there’s a chance that an IP belonging to a physical computer running a software or manually operated by a human is watching, tracking, monitoring, recording your online discussions, if possible. For most people that’s as far as the problems go, but for others financial, judicial and health issues follow.

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