The Secret Bavarian Brotherhood: Illuminati

The first members of the Bavarian Illuminati Brotherhood consisted of five people. They pledged secrecy in the goal of defeating the Catholic Church, hoping to destroy God and his Christians. The founder’s name is Adam Weishaupt, who established the secret society on May the 1st, 1776.┬áThe Illuminati is considered by many to be part of a list of Conspiracy Theories.

The Illuminati practice┬áLuciferianism, and are Luciferians that follow and worship Lucifer in a Synagogue of Satan, even though some claim it’s not Satanism. They believe Satan saved people from God in the garden of Eden, by enlightening them of their intellectual powers (Wisdom). Their goal is to build the greatest army for Satan, strong enough to defeat God and his Angels on Armageddon day, by controlling the Earth’s population and increasing knowledge through science. In hopes of creating technologies that can harness the power of God.

The Illuminati Ritual

Illuminati Owl of Minerva

The primary insignia of the Illuminati is an owl, named the Owl of Minerva. They believe the owl is the source of their wisdom. US government officials were first caught worshiping the owl by Alex Jones in the Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove is the Illuminati’s secret ritual Synagogue in the U.S. Visited by former Presidents Nixon, Eisenhower, Reagan, Bush and Obama. Alex Jones secretly entered the Bohemian Groove in 2000 and recorded the secret “In Effigy” ritual.

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